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Without TearsTM I

(The ABCs of Digital Communications)

This class has a prerequisite! You must know DSP!

We would love to have you in our Digital Communications Without TearsTM seminar. But we don't want you to leave our seminar frustrated, confused or unhappy. There is something you need to know before investing your precious time and money.

This class has a prerequisite. You must know DSP! You must be familiar with the Nyquist sampling, quantization and anti-alias filters. You should be comfortable with DSP filters (FIR, IIR) and oscillators. The kind of stuff we cover in our basic DSP Without Tears® seminar. Without that DSP knowledge you won't be able to absorb at least half of the material.

We have tried very hard to make digital communications easy to understand. Just like our basic and advanced DSP seminars. We use the latest and greatest in multimedia technology to explain complex subjects. We use animations and sound demos to convey the message. We also have a lot of simple in-class exercises to drive the point home. But with all that, you still need to know DSP before coming to this class.

We wish there were a way we could combine the two classes and do it all in three days. Unfortunately, we can't. Those of you who took DSP Without Tears® know three days is barely enough to cover DSP alone.

DSP is definitely a prerequisite for Digital Communications. Advanced DSP is not a prerequisite but is a nice supplement.

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