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What is DSP?

DSP is the science and engineering of signal processing using digital hardware and software. The emergence of low-cost VLSI DSP chips in the early 80s expanded the market beyond the research laboratories and capital intensive industries. Quantity price for a low-end DSP chip is now under $5. Furthermore, the accessibility of low-cost PC-based development tools has made DSP a viable alternative even for one-man companies!

This new economic reality has opened a tremendous market. DSP is now used everywhere from talking ads to toys, graphic equalizers, compact disc players, music synthesizers, modems, fax machines, multimedia, digital cellular phones, industrial process control, vibration analysis, noise cancellation, speech recognition and radar.

Industries like telecommunication, computer, defense, oil, biomedical, instrumentation and consumer electronics are applying DSP solutions to real world problems at an ever increasing rate.

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