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DSP Without Tears® covers theory as well as applications. You will learn how to analyze, design and evaluate DSP alternatives and intelligently select the right hardware and software tools. Also available is the course Advanced DSP With a Few Tears ®

Basics Time and frequency domain representation Analog signal processing Sampling and digitization Oversampling and undersampling Quantization noise Noise shaping in high resolution (Greek) modulators DSP throughput estimation

DSP Theory & Analysis Direct Digital Synthesis Modern wave-form generation Digital linear and circular pipeline Difference equation Interpolation and decimation Fourier transform Z transform IIR and FIR filters

Quick & Dirty Designs Digital low pass, bandpass, and highpass filters Digital notch filter Perfect integrator Leaky integrator Differentiator Allpass filter Comb filter CIC interpolator and decimator Matched filter Minimum phase and Inverse filter

Clean & Formal Designs IIR filter design using Butterworth, Chebyshev and elliptic design How to take your old analog design and transform it to DSP Bilinear transformation FIR design using windows Frequency sampling design Design by optimization Halfband and Multiband FIR Hilbert transformer Raised cosine filter

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