Troubleshooting guide

Problem: QuickTimetm will not uninstall. Solution: The file Unqt.exe on the DSP Without Tears® CD is corrupt. To uninstall Quicktimetm, first make sure that no other programs are running. Using Windows Explorer, find the file Qtw32del.exe in the DSP folder on the CD and run it. Any files associated with QuickTime will be erased.

Problem: Text is cut off within the frame of the program. Solution: Make sure that the fonts from the DSP Without Tears® Part 1 CD have been installed on your system. The program should have installed them when you first ran DSP Without Tears®, but if for some reason they were not, you can do it manually. Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel. Double-click on the Fonts folder. All of the installed fonts on your system are listed here. Click File, drag down to Install new fonts. Browse to your CD drive. Your computer will now list all the fonts that are contained on the DSP Without Tears® Part 1 CD. Choose select all, and click Install.

Problem: Error messages looking for external movie drivers appear on the screen where animations should be playing. Solution: Several of the animations are QuickTimetm movies and they will run only if QuickTimetm for Windows is installed on the drive where Windows® 95 is located. The install file should have placed QuickTimetm appropriately, but you should check to be sure. Go to Windows Explorer to see if QuickTimetm is installed on the same drive as Windows® 95. If QuickTimetm is not there, go to the DSP Without Tears® Part 1 folder and double click on QT32.exe to reinstall QuickTimetm for Windows.

Problem: You click on the "Next" button one too many times and end up in DSP outer space. Solution: Restart the program. DSP Without Tears® is programmed to restart where you left off, so you may end up in nowhereland again after restarting. Simply change the name you used to sign on and the program will start at the beginning. Only use the "Next" button to navigate between chapters within a section. For example, only click "Next" to go from 1.2 to 1.3, not 1.5 to 2.0. To go to 2.0, go back to the main menu and select 2.0.

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