DSP Without Tears® (1995 or later) is a must! Without a basic background in DSP, you will be lost! Advanced DSP With a Few TearsTM is helpful but not necessary. Heres the roadmap:

Course Content

Digital Communications Without TearsTM covers system level design and DSP implementation of the physical layer processes in point to point communications. It is applicable to wireless and wireline applications

BASICS Introduction Time & frequency Bandwidth Distortion Analog amplitude and frequency modulation techniques Digital receiver architecture Digital receiver analog front end Digital modulators and demodulators Digital up converters and down converter DSP algorithms Direct IF conversion

BASEBAND DIGITAL SIGNALS Baseband model Bit level operations such as scramblers and differential encoders Channel and source coding overview Pulse shaping Matched filter and correlation receiver

PASSBAND DIGITAL SIGNALS Digital modulation and demodulation BPSK QPSK MPSK QAM BFSK MFSK MSK GMSK Digital phase-locked loop Carrier synchronization Timing synchronization Performance monitoring

ADVANCED CONCEPTS OVERVIEW Multitone Spread spectrum FEC Simulation.

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