A No-Nonsense Approach to DSP Education

Dear Colleague:

Having been involved with DSP for some time, I have seen so many good engineers who felt so helpless with DSP, I decided to do something about it.

A typical scenario: You find you need to learn DSP. At first you don't realize what you're confronted with. You pick up a textbook. Then the nightmare begins. The material doesn't make any sense to you. You try to learn, but fail. You try and fail again. You think you are to blame. You think you don't have an adequate math background to learn DSP.

Psst... Can you keep a secret?

You can learn DSP regardless of your math skills. You see, about 70% of the material presented in a typical DSP textbook has very little practical value. But the problem is this: How do you isolate the other 30%?

Now you may ask yourself, Why do these authors make their books so difficult and out-of-reach to the average engineer? I believe the material is overcomplicated for three reasons:

Reason #1

The author has impressive academic credentials but has never worked in the industry. He himself cannot separate theory from life.

Reason #2

The author thinks everybody has a Ph.D. in math. He simply cannot relate to the average engineer.

Reason #3

This is perhaps the worst! The author deliberately overcomplicates the material. This happens often in IEEE publications. They take something simple and inject enough math to make it incomprehensible. That's the only way to impress editors and get their articles published. Many times a good practical article is rejected simply because it doesn't have enough math symbols to impress a weighty editorial board.

It took me years to figure this out. And when I did figure it out, I was furious and decided to put an end to this situation. I developed DSP Without Tears®.

I'd like to chat about this subject for hours, but I know you have better things to do. Just let me make one bold claim. I guarantee you can learn DSP regardless of your math background. You have to take my course to believe it. Feel free to contact me with your DSP horror story. I can provide a solution.


K. Heidarian

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